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 How Events Work And How to Submit A Video!

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PostSubject: How Events Work And How to Submit A Video!   Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:30 pm

Event Names
We have 4 events you a eligible to join and 5 ways to be in them!
- Raid of the Week - Hardest base destroyed easily and brutality in the raid
- Loot of the Week - Biggest loot raid and gained the most combined loot in ONE Raid
- Contributor Award - Most troop donations in one week
- War Hero - We will tally up how much stars achieved in war from both wars in that week and everyone with the most even if it's tied will be entered

[5th Way] Donator- Donate to me via Paypal PM me for info... Be entered in every event!

- Gift Cards
- Memberships

How to Submit
1st way - In the clan submit a video in the chat, by sharing a replay and it will be looked at
2nd Upload a demo to youtube set it as unlisted and use this code to post it

Forum Admin PM for help or assistance!
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How Events Work And How to Submit A Video!
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