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 Official Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Official Forum Rules    Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:11 pm

1. Spamming
- Level 2 Offense
Spamming for post count will never be allowed. Spamming chat box, in replies or anywhere around this community will never be permitted or allowed. Spamming can result in serious actions taken, and will not be taken lightly. We may remove rights to your posting privileges for a week and if that don't stop you then we will ban you from the community. An example pf spamming

User: hi [6:34:09 PM]
User: lol [6:34:10 PM]
User: ghjfsj [6:34:11 PM]
User: fewqfw [6:34:11 PM]

2. Flaming/Racism
- Level 2 Offense
Flaming is taken a bit less seriously than racism. Racism is any discrimination towards another community member treat all members equally no matter the region of where they live. Everyone is like a family in this community and Racism will be an immediate banish from the community. Flaming is less strictly enforced, as you would be warned for these actions and if it continues a ban.
Examples of Racism:
He's a blah
Asians have blah

Flaming Examples:
F*ck you you are a dumb ass
I hate you all you can suck my dick
Screw you faggots

3. Advertising
- Level 3 Offense
We do not permit anyone to post or announce their own personal websites, blogs, ect. We will permit that if necessary. We don't want links to your youtube, blog, or any other communities. Only exception would be the media section where you can post videos or images made elsewhere

4. Grave Digging
- Level 1 Offense
If you do not know what this is, it is where there is an old post weeks old that a member reply's to increase their post count. A thread 7 days old is considered dead if no one had replied to it in that amount of time. This is a minor offense and you will be warned 1 time before posting privileges are removed for 1 week.

5. Double posting
- Level 1 Offense
Posting two times in some occasions are not necessary and some do it to increase their post count. If you wish to change the message of what you was saying you may edit that reply or post not to make a new one that's the whole reason of having "Edit" button

6. Inappropriate post/image
- Level 3 Offense
Images for an audience 18+ will not be allowed here [Pornographic content]. We do not want that garbage here if we wanted porn we would just go to a porn site to see that. Don't post it on here we may have younger members who would feel uncomfortable with it. Just don't do it

7. Multiple Accounts
- Level 2 Offense
Do not register more than 1 forum account. Well you can't we have a set amount for an I.P but we don't wish for you to use Proxies or VPN's to make new accounts. We only want one of you so just keep the one you have be happy with it!

8. Events
Level 0 Offense
We only allow certain special members to enter these! The winners of Raid of the day, and ect ect will be entered for a giveaway for a $20 Itunes card for Gems or whatever you may want to get! Event rules is that you may not enter more than 1 time per event. You can only win 1 times every 2 months to make it a bit fair.

9. Forum Games
- Level 1 Offense
This about the forums games section. You may not have inappropriate games on there like "the dick game." Do not have stupid idiotic games posted on there make them fun and make them want to reply to it. Make it goofy and have it appropriate for eveyone

10. Help section
- Level 1 Offense
Moderators will constantly check that section to help with any forum or in-game related questions. Do not post help about anything else unless it involves this community forum or the game itself. We do not want to help with personal problems, that is your issue. But we are willing to help with anything that is game related!

Level 1 Offense Actions [Lightly handled]
- 1st Warning
- 2nd Warning [Depending on the situation]
- Post privileges removed [For 1 week or may vary in time]
- Temporary ban [1 Day(s) - 1 Month]
- Post privileges permanently gone
- Permanently Banned

Level 2 Offense Actions [Little stricter]
- 1st warning
- Post privileges removed [1 week or may vary]
- Temporary ban [1 Day(s) - 1 Month]
- Permanently Banned

Level 3 Offense Actions [SUPER STRICT]
- Post privileges removed [1 month - 1 year] May vary
- Permanently banned [Depending on situation]

Forum Admin PM for help or assistance!
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Official Forum Rules
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